Caring for your mind, body and environment

News Update 2 October 2023

This year WA Mental Health Week is providing an opportunity for us all to reflect on our own mental health with the theme 'Mind. Body. Environment.'.

How the mind, body and environment intersect is essential to overall wellbeing. Physical health – both inside of us and in the world around us – has a major impact on our mental health.

The nutrition we consume, movement of our bodies, the health of the planet and the quality of housing and neighbourhoods all have a part to play in building healthy communities and people.

In 2023, Mental Health Week in WA will be held over 7-14 October.

Coordinated by the Western Australian Association for Mental Health, with support from the WA Mental Health Commission, Mental Health Week (MHW) provides a prime opportunity to address and highlight the important connection between social determinants and mental health; and promote effective prevention strategies to keep people mentally healthy.

Learn more about the ways you can care for your mind, body and environment in your local area by taking part in one of the City’s events.


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To find more Mind Body and Environment focused events, visit the City's events page.

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