Replacement of irrigation at Bill Grayden Oval

News Update 20 September 2023
Parks and Reserve works

Works have commenced at Bill Grayden Reserve in Como to replace the sporting oval's irrigation system which has reached the end of its lifecycle.

These works are schedulled to be completed by the end of October 2023.

Tree planting and tree irrigation around the perimeter of the oval is scheduled to take place between March and June 2024.

The reserve is part of the City's irrigation hydro-zoning program to improve water usage, while at the same time providing an opportunity for, more biodiversity and aesthetic variety.

Hydro-zoning is the practice of grouping types of vegetation into categories with similar water requirements to enable more efficient and responsible use of irrigation water.

Hydro-zoning is implemented to conserve water while still providing high quality turf areas for the community to use. It allows the City to provide more biodiversity in parks through the planting of low water usage endemic tree species. 

The reserve's playground will also be replaced with new equipment, new shade shelter and a drinking fountain set to be installed between April and June 2024.

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