Footpath and kerb line weed control from 25 September

Public Notice 1 September 2023

Subject to weather conditions, weed control treatment will be undertaken by contractors along roads, kerbs and road reserve footpaths within the City of South Perth from 25 September 2023, commencing in the Manning Ward.

Different treatments for weed control will be undertaken in specific locations which are listed below:
  1. Application of Glyphosate Green 360 on minor roads and distributor roads
  2. Organic (Pine Oil / Pelargonic Acid) weed treatment will be used around shopping precincts.
  3. Steam control will be utilised around schools/hospitals/nursing homes and select locations.

Appropriate signage will be displayed on moving vehicles and in strategic locations while the work is being undertaken, weed control operations will be monitored by City staff to ensure compliance with safety guidelines.

Relevant technical weed control information is available by contacting the City’s Environmental Health Services on 9474 0777 during office hours.

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