Provide your feedback on the draft Payment in Lieu of Parking Plan

News Update 29 August 2023

Payment in lieu of parking (also called ‘cash-in-lieu’) is an option available for non-residential development proposals where there is a parking shortfall to the City’s minimum non-residential car parking requirements of at least two car bays.

It provides the option for developers to make a payment to the City to construct public car parking bays in a particular area, or to spend the funds on other transport-related infrastructure (for example, cycling or pedestrian paths).

The City has developed a draft Payment in Lieu of Parking (PILP) Plan as this is now a requirement of new State Government Regulations. Previously cash-in-lieu was collected through provisions in the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6.

The draft PILP Plan applies across the City and outlines how payment in lieu of car parking funds could be used and we want your feedback.

It is important to note that the PILP Plan does not change the existing car parking requirements contained within the planning framework and does not apply to the management of residential parking.

To find out more and provide your feedback visit Your Say South Perth.

Feedback closes 4pm, Wednesday 20 September 2023.