New disposal units make battery recycling safer

News Update 23 August 2023

New purpose-built battery disposal units at the Recycling Centre in Como and at our libraries in South Perth and Manning are making it even safer for the community to recycle their used batteries.

Each collection point has two bins, one for lithium-ion batteries and one for household dry cell batteries. 

Each bin is fitted with a fire-resistant bag which is capable of containing fire, if a battery was to self-ignite.

The batteries are collected weekly by the City’s Waste & Recycling team and are relocated for safe storage before being delivered for recycling.

Eighty per cent of the batteries used by Australians are single use batteries. Although recyclable, 97 per cent of them or 8,000 tonnes end up in landfill each year, where they leach toxic materials into waterways and ecosystems.

Due to their flammable, corrosive and toxic nature, batteries should not be disposed of in your kerbside or recycling bins. Instead, used batteries should be dropped off at the City’s authorised battery recycling collection points.

Top tip – Use sticky tape

If battery terminals touch, they can spark and create a fire hazard. To prevent this, tape the terminals of used batteries for storage and drop off. Always use clear sticky tape.

Top tip – Separate lithium-ion from household batteries

It doesn’t take much for lithium to combust. There have been reports of lithium-ion batteries catching fire by simply coming into contact with moisture which makes them especially dangerous when placed in kerbside recycling bins. Please make sure you dispose of them safely in our collection bins at the Recycling Centres and libraries.

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