Mobile reminders to help keep our parks clean

News Update 11 August 2023

Keeping the City's parks and sports grounds looking good and ready for everyone to enjoy is the focus of a new City initiative encouraging dog owners to clean up after their pets.

New mobile signage will be popping up at locations around the City to remind dog owners that it's their responsibility to clean up if their dog defecates.

Rangers will also target known problem areas, particularly parks with playgrounds and sporting reserves where other community members are often affected by dog owners who don't follow the rules.

There are around 5,500 registered dogs in the City of South Perth and the majority of dog owners do the right thing, however not picking up your dog's excrement can attract a $100 on-the-spot fine.

Dog waste bins and bags are located at most City parks and there is plenty of information and advice about keeping dogs on our Animals & Pets page.

If you see an issue at your local park, please contact the City via


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