A new look Moresby Street Hall

News Update 30 June 2023
Public Art

Moresby Street Hall in Kensington has a fresh new look thanks to the local community and renowned Western Australian artist George Domahidy.

Mr Domahidy and local community members worked together to create a bold mural on the southern and eastern facades of the hall, which are parts of the building that are visible from Douglas Avenue and Moresby Street Reserve. The design also extends onto the pathways within the Reserve.

As part of this project, the City invited local community and users of Morseby Street Hall and Reserve to be involved and attend a design and art workshop. Participants worked on simple print making patterns, some of which are included into the pathway design.

Community involvement at every stage of this project has ensured a sense of pride and ownership of the artwork.

The contemporary artwork which now welcomes visitors to Moresby Street Hall, features bold graphic forms and textural elements that form a contemporary collage of patterns and aesthetic gestures inspired by the unique landscape and flora of the surrounding bushland.

The artwork sits harmoniously within the landscape and complements the many varied user groups of the building and surrounding public space.

This is the City’s first public art commission in Kensington. Recent engagement with Kensington residents and visitors during the development of the City’s first Public Art Masterplan 2022-2025 highlighted the community’s interest in having some local public art installed.

The project was funded by the $60,000 cash-in-lieu contribution from the Como Hotel redevelopment project in fulfillment of the requirement to provide public art under Policy P316 Developer Contributions to Public Art and Public Spaces.

Moresby Street Hall is a City of South Perth venue and is available for the community to hire for small-scale local functions and events.

Earlier this year, the Hall underwent a much needed refurbishment to ensure it is used by the community for years to come. All of the asbestos in the building was removed and replaced with new cladding; the exterior and interior were painted; new vinyl flooring was laid in the entrance and storeroom; and the building’s electrical switchboard was upgraded.


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