Creating a safe and connected City

News Update 31 May 2023

Over the 2022/23 financial year we’ve spent $5.2 million on roads and pathways to provide connected and safe pedestrian access and a well-maintained road network.

Investing in infrastructure such as roads and paths is an important part of creating a vibrant, liveable City and delivering a more enjoyable experience for all road users, cyclists and pedestrians. Recently completed works include:

  • South Perth: South Perth Esplanade – these works include the replacement of footpath paving outside South Shore Shopping Centre; replacement of sections of damaged kerbing; upgrades of stormwater drainage; upgrades to pedestrian and cycle crossing and resurfacing of the road from South Shore Shopping Centre to South Perth Esplanade Car Park 11. The City has rejuvenated the road profile by upgrading infrastructure within this area.
  • Salter Point: Welwyn Avenue between Hope Avenue and Unwin Crescent – this project has improved safety by resurfacing the road, installing raised intersection plateaus, and upgrading existing speed humps, sections of kerb, footpath, pram ramps and  drainage infrastructure.
  • South Perth: South Terrace off-ramp and Melville Parade – the replacement of the existing brick paved intersection to an all-asphalt design has improved the driving surface, safety and maintenance requirements.
  • South Perth: Tate Street, from Angelo Street to Swan Street – installation of a raised intersection plateau at the intersection of Anthony Street aims to reduce vehicle speeds on Tate Street. Other work includes the upgrade or replacement of sections of kerb, footpath, pram ramps and drainage infrastructure.
  • Como: Lockhart Street – rehabilitation of road sections between Davilak Street and Thelma Street, as well as from Henley Street to the cul-de-sac end. This completes the partial road resurfacing works that was undertaken by the Water Corporation in 2021/22.
  • South Perth: Mill Point Road – installation of raised platforms at the intersections of Queen Street, Stirling Street and Scott Street will improve safety along Mill Point Road. The project is fully funded through  Main Roads WA’s Low Cost Urban Safety Program.