Council set to decide on Annual Budget

News Update 31 May 2023

Council will decide on the City’s Budget 2023/24 at its meeting on Tuesday 27 June 2023, with Rates Notices to be delivered to ratepayers soon after.

The coming Budget will allocate funds for a variety of services, including waste and recycling collections, the provision of community facilities such as libraries, health, building and planning control, and the maintenance of roads, paths, foreshore areas and parks.

Each year, careful funding consideration is given to ensure the successful delivery of services, programs and events for more than 46,000 residents, while meeting the future needs of our community, which is expected to grow to more than 65,000 by 2041.

The City of South Perth recognises that effective financial management and good stewardship of its assets are among the most important responsibilities that a local government performs for the community.

The strategies that are central to the development of each Annual Budget include:

  • Exercising responsible management of the City’s financial resources
  • Delivering a level of funding which is relevant, economically responsible and sustainable
  • Ensuring cost effective delivery of relevant services to the City’s ratepayers
  • Financing a proactive program to maintain and enhance the City’s infrastructure assets.