Partnership to create lively, green community space in Manning

Media Release 19 April 2023
Parks and Reserve works

A previously-underutilised reserve in Manning is getting an important makeover to create a new community space with benefits for the environment, wildlife habitat and residents.

The City of South Perth is partnering with RAC through its Reconnect WA initiative to help transform a drainage sump on Godwin Avenue into a more functional and attractive area, with improved bike riding connections linking people to Canning Bridge train station, local schools and Curtin University.

Mayor Greg Milner welcomed the partnership, saying it had enabled the City to broaden the project to deliver more for current and future communities.

“The main purpose of the project was to upgrade stormwater sumps to improve water quality at the corner of Godwin and Goss Avenues in Manning, however, the City has seized an opportunity to also revegetate the area, enhance wildlife habitat and provide a pleasant, natural setting for our community to enjoy,” the Mayor said.

“Optimising the use of our green open spaces is becoming increasingly important. With population growth resulting in smaller backyards for family homes, public  areas are vital in creating green relief and providing places for people to connect and recreate.

“Once complete, the redevelopment will achieve multiple benefits in line with the City’s Urban Forest Strategy, Water Management Plan and Joint Bike Plan.”

The community will be able to share their feedback, as part of a series of surveys linked to the RAC Reconnect WA partnership to uncover information about how people use their local green spaces, before and after an upgrade of this nature.

RAC Acting Group Executive Social and Community Impact, Will Golsby, said the RAC was pleased to partner with the City of South Perth to help revitalise this space in Manning.

"By trialling new and innovative ways to use our streets and public spaces, we hope to lay the foundations for longer-term changes that support RAC’s vision for a safer, more sustainable and better connected WA," he said.

Community members can use their phones to scan QR codes on signage at the park to take the survey on the spot, or simply visit the City’s website for more details.

The Godwin Avenue Sump Works will include:

  • A biofiltration system to help remove pollutants and excess nutrients from stormwater
  • Increasing the existing stormwater filtration area
  • Selectively clearing mid-storey shrubs and under-prune trees to improve sight lines
  • Revegetating the area with native plant species
  • A bird watering station
  • A rest area with interpretive signage and habitat features such as an insect hotel, bird nesting boxes and untreated timber logs
  • Informal access paths connecting the existing north and south paths
  • Nature play zone
  • Seating, with a wheelchair parking pad
  • Bicycle parking, bins and a drinking fountain.

The construction phase is proposed for 2023/24, with completion planned for April 2024. To find out more, visit the Environmental Projects page.

Godwin Avenue Sump - Final Concept Design