James Miller Oval – Floodlighting Upgrade

Public Notice 21 March 2023
Parks and Reserve works
New sports lighting is being installed at James Miller Oval to make the Oval safer to use at night. The following ‘frequently asked questions’ provide information about this project:

What type of sports lighting is being installed?

Four sports lighting towers (30 metres tall) with energy-efficient LED lights are being installed at James Miller Oval. 

Why is the sports lighting being installed?

In 2018 the City undertook an audit of the sports lighting on its active sporting reserves. This led to the development of the City’s Sports Oval Floodlight Plan, which sets out a framework for the provision of sports oval floodlights across the City’s six active sporting reserves. Since 2018/19 the City has installed sports lighting at various local reserves, including Ernest Johnson Reserve, Challenger Reserve and Bill Grayden Reserve. James Miller Oval is the next reserve that is planned to receive new sports lighting. The project will benefit local sporting clubs (football and cricket); hirers of the Oval for events and activations; and local residents undertaking recreation at the Oval.

Will the sports lighting affect nearby residences?

The sports lighting has been designed to the relevant Australian Standards (AS 2560) to minimise lighting spill, so the lighting will not be obtrusive for surrounding properties in the area. Once the project is completed and the lights are in use, local residents will benefit from having increased opportunities to undertake safer recreational activities around the Oval at night, including walking/dog walking or jogging. 

Will the works be noisy?

Residents may experience some construction and vehicle noise associated with the project, but this will be for a temporary period only. There will be occasional movements of construction vehicles on and around the Oval that may present a hazard. For the safety of the public, there will be site protection to prevent access to excavation/works areas. However, it is not anticipated that these works will significantly impact the public’s overall usage of the Oval during the works period. Please follow all signage and/or directions from worksite personnel when in the vicinity of the construction works.

How long will the project take?

Works will be occurring on the Oval intermittently during the next two months. The anticipated project completion date is late April 2023 (Note: The completion of the project is dependent on the delivery of materials needed for the works and integration with external service authorities which may impact the actual project completion date). 

Where can I find additional information about the project?

Up to date project information can be found on the City’s website via the Works in My Neighbourhood page on the City's website. 

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