Metro Inner-South JDAP Agenda 23 March 2023

Public Notice 20 March 2023

The Metro Inner-South JDAP Agenda for the following meeting is now available on the DAP website

Date: 23 March 2023
Time: 9.00am
Venue: Zoom Meeting

To connect to the meeting via your computer -

To connect to the meeting via teleconference dial the following phone number -  +61 8 7150 1149 Australia

Insert Meeting ID followed by the hash (#) key when prompted - 868 7643 0645

This DAP meeting will be conducted by electronic means open to the public rather than requiring attendance in person.

The following applications will be determined at this meeting:










LG Ref: 11.2022.340.1

Form 1

City of South Perth

Lot 504 (No.40) Coode Street South Perth & Lot 500 (41) Swan Street South Perth

Proposed 4 court sports hall with change facilities, stores, function space and classrooms


Wesley College


As Agenda documents are updated regularly, please ensure you check online for the most current version.

DAP Members

  • Should you have any disclosures of interest in respect to this application, please complete the attached Declaration of Interest form and email to the DAP Secretariat.
  • Upon review of the Responsible Authority Report, should you require any additional information in accordance with Regulation 13(1), please complete the attached R.13 Request for Information form and email to the DAP Secretariat.

Local Government

  • The local governmentis to place the full Agenda on your website as required in accordance with regulation 39 of the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011.
  • The local government must, at least 7 days before the day of the DAP meeting, give written notice of the time, date and location of the DAP meeting, and the agenda for the meeting, to each person who made a written submission to the local government in relation to a DAP application to be considered at the meeting in accordance with regulation 39 (1A) of the Planning and Development (Development Assessment Panels) Regulations 2011.
  • We will advise the local government of all approved presentations prior to the meeting and update the meeting agenda to include names of approved presenters. 
  • Please advise the DAP Secretariat of the names of any additional officers who will attend the meeting.


  • Please advise the DAP Secretariat if you will be sending a representative to the meeting on your behalf or if any work colleagues/associates will attend.
  • The name and work title of any additional attendee is required.

Presentation Requests

  • To make a presentation to the DAP, please complete the attached Presentation Request Template and email it to the DAP Secretariat.
  • The request is to be submitted at least 3 days prior to the DAP meeting.

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