Access and Inclusion Plan endorsed by Council

News Update 10 March 2023

The City of South Perth’s Access and Inclusion Plan 2022-2027 (AIP) was endorsed by Council at the February 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.

The City strives to foster a community that is accessible and inclusive for all, and as such the City’s approach has been to develop an AIP that has scope to provide access and inclusion support for all, including people with disability, people from diverse backgrounds and disadvantaged people.

The AIP outlines how access and inclusion outcomes will be incorporated within the City’s community programs, services, projects, events and facilities into the future. This includes to support people who reside, work, volunteer, and or study in the City.

The aim is to make the City more liveable for all by addressing, reducing or removing access and inclusion barriers faced by people in the community.

The AIP is aligned to seven outcome areas, namely: 

  1. Access to services and participation at events
  2. Access to buildings and Facilities
  3. Access to information is appropriate formats
  4. Quality of service
  5. Opportunity to make complaints
  6. Opportunity to participate in public consultation
  7. Opportunity to access employment and training with the City

The draft AIP was open for public comment from November to December 2022.

The City of South Perth acknowledges the contribution of the City’s Inclusive Community Advisory Group, City staff, community groups, local businesses and residents who have contributed to the development of this AIP.

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