Corporate Business Plan 2022/23–2025/26 endorsed

Public Notice 17 January 2023

At the 22 November 2022 Ordinary Council meeting, the City’s Corporate Business Plan 2022/23-2025/26 was adopted.

Following endorsement of the Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031 (SCP) in December 2021, the Corporate Business Plan was reviewed and updated to align to the new strategic directions and aspirations identified in the SCP.

The Corporate Business Plan translates the aspirations and strategies of the SCP into operational priorities over a four-year period. The Corporate Business Plan outlines in detail the projects, services, actions, resources and performance measurements required for the delivery of the SCP.

The Corporate Business Plan is reported on a quarterly basis to Council and will be updated annually in line with the City’s Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework.

To find out more and to download the plan, please visit the Integrated Planning and Reporting page.

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