Get the Facts: Stake Something for the New Year

9 January 2023

Wed 18th January 6.30-8pm – South Perth Library

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? Need a hack to keep them?

Stake Something is a new procrastination app that could be the answer.

About the Presenter

Bret Treasure is an app developer and marketing consultant. His interests are in communications and coaching, which is to say he likes public speaking and asking annoying questions. He is not interested in the World Cup, or any cups really. He studied Spanish for a thousand days in a row and still can't speak it properly.

About the Topic

Science has a new way to get you into action on exercise, dieting and life-style changes. Risking money (staking) activates the survival circuitry in your brain that produces action. If you just flinched, that's a sign it'll work for you. People who risk serious money do what they promise 96% of the time (and if you keep your word it costs you nothing). Behavioural science says we're naturally loss averse - in this talk you'll learn how to leverage that for your own benefit. 

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South Perth Library