Pretty plans for practical park in Manning

News Update 24 November 2022
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Transforming a drainage sump into a more attractive and practical community space is the focus of a new project at the corner of Godwin and Goss Avenues in Manning.

The City plans to revegetate and upgrade stormwater sumps to improve water quality, wildlife habitat and provide a pleasant, natural setting for the community to enjoy.

The project is part of the City’s Urban Forest Strategy and Water Management Plan and will include:

  • A biofiltration system to help remove pollutants and excess nutrients from stormwater
  • Increasing the existing stormwater filtration area
  • Selectively clearing mid-storey shrubs and under-prune trees to improve sight lines
  • Revegetating the area with native plant species
  • A bird watering station
  • A rest area with interpretive signage and habitat features such as an insect hotel, bird nesting boxes and untreated timber logs
  • Informal access paths connecting the existing north and south paths
  • Nature play zone
  • Seating, with a wheelchair parking pad
  • Bicycle parking, bins and a drinking fountain.

Construction is expected to start in early 2023, with completion planned for mid-2023. To find out more, visit our Environmental Projects page.

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