City signs new agreement with Inner-City Councils

News Update 16 November 2022

The City reaffirmed a commitment to work with its inner-City neighbours for the benefit of all five local governments with the recent signing an updated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Mayor Greg Milner and CEO Mike Bradford joined Mayors and CEOs from the Cities of Perth, Subiaco and Vincent and Town of Victoria Park to sign the new agreement, which focuses on strategic collaboration over the next three years. 

Under the MOU, the five local governments will work together on a number of shared issues, including:

  • Infrastructure and Transport
  • Planning, Economic Development and Culture
  • Corporate and Business Services
  • Community and Social Services

Details of ‘shared’ projects will be promoted on our News & Publications page, as well as updates in our fortnightly eNewsletter and the City's social media. 

Image (L-R): City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas, Town of Victoria Park Mayor Karen Vernon, Local Government Minister John Carey, City of South Perth Mayor Greg Milner, City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole and City of Subiaco Mayor David McMullen.