Council reaffirms its commitment to RAF

News Update 2 November 2022
At the Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 1 November 2022, Council reaffirmed its commitment to the Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF) Project. 

The Officer Recommendation and Council decision to revise the scope and delivery of the RAF project so that it can be delivered through three independent and financially viable stages consisting of Stage 1 – Indoor Aquatics and Recreation, Stage 2 – Indoor Playing Courts and further golf course redevelopment, and Stage 3 – an Outdoor pool, was carried by an absolute majority, 9/0.  

Council’s decision enables the City to undertake detailed work on the proposed Stage 1 of the RAF project, including total project budget and an update of the RAF Financial and Operational models.  

The City will continue to engage with the State Government and other potential funding partners regarding funding arrangements for all RAF project stages.  

Council’s decision allows the City to progress discussions with the Federal Government to resolve the breach of the $20 million Federal Funding Agreement for the aquatic aspects of the RAF.  

The City will report back to Council no later than the March 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting. 

The Special Council Meeting minutes will be made available on the City’s website on Friday 4 November 2022. 

A first for WA, the RAF offers a unique model combining sporting, recreational and educational facilities, addressing a significant lack of local community sporting and recreational infrastructure. 

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