Pennington Street cul-de-sac upgrade

Public Notice 14 October 2022
Road Works

In early 2020, the City advised residents adjacent to David Vincent Reserve in Kensington of our intention to construct a turning point for waste collection vehicles within the Reserve. After consultation with surrounding residents in 2020, it was determined that a half cul-de-sac design best met the needs of waste collection vehicles, reserve users and residents.

The City is now ready to commence the construction of the half turnaround cul-de-sac. These works include reconstruction of the northern corner of David Vincent Reserve to accommodate the cul-de-sac. Earthmoving equipment and materials will be on site during the construction period. Installation of a picnic table, bench and small retaining wall is included in these works.

Construction is scheduled to start the week commencing 24 October 2022 and will take approximately 5-6 weeks to complete, weather permitting. The works are scheduled between 7am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Temporary parking restrictions and road closures will be implemented to facilitate the works. For the safety of road users and personnel, please follow the traffic controllers’ instructions and signage and take care when driving in the area. 

Resurfacing works (the laying of new asphalt) will take place on two occasions during the works period. Nearby and/or affected residents will receive a further letter 48 hours prior to the laying of new asphalt. Driving on freshly laid asphalt can negatively affect the quality of the asphalt and increase the risk of bitumen sticking to car tyres. Vehicle movements in and out of some properties may be impacted.

The final phase of the project is landscaping, which will take place in mid-autumn 2023. This gives new plants the best chance of survival and reduces water usage. The landscaping will comprise of planting  native vegetation in the northern corner to complement the existing plantings and picnic area.

Elements of the works may unavoidably be disruptive. The City appreciates your support and cooperation during these works.

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