Update on Recreation and Aquatic Facility

News Update 30 September 2022

At the City's Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 September, a Petition and Notice of Motion regarding the proposed Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF) were considered by Councillors.

Update on petition - 'Support for the Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF)'

A petition titled Support for the Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF) was not received, with a vote of 5/4 against Item 8.1.1. 

Notwithstanding Council decision on Tuesday 27 September 2022, the RAF petition titled ‘Support for the Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF)’, will be processed in accordance with the Standing Orders, and as such will form part of the officer report to council when the Recreational Aquatic Facility (RAF) is next considered by Council.

At this stage it is anticipated there will be a report on the RAF at the next Ordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 25 October. 

For more information can be viewed here.

Notice of Motion - Councillor Mary Choy - RAF 

A Notice of Motion (Item 12.1) was submitted by Councillor Mary Choy. This amended motion was carried 5/4 and the resolution can be viewed here.

The Further Amended Notice of Motion and COUNCIL DECISION asks that the City of South Perth CEO contacts the State Government to respectfully seek clarity on why funding has not been granted.

The meeting minutes and audio recording can be found on our Council Meetings page. 

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