City remains committed to the Recreation and Aquatic Facility project

News Update 15 July 2022

At the 29 June Council Meeting, Councillors voted not to approve the appointment of a project manager for the City's proposed Recreation and Aquatic Facility (RAF).

The decision was in contrast to a staff recommendation to appoint a project manager, as this was a key milestone of the Federal Government funding agreement. This agreement contributes $20 million to the project.

The City is still very much committed to the project and is continuing to work with Federal Government.

The RAF project is expected to cost $80 million, which comprises $20 million from the City, $20 million from the Federal Government and $20 million from Curtin University and project partners. Discussions with the State Government are ongoing, with regards to the remaining $20 million.

A first for WA, the RAF offers a unique model combining sporting and recreational facilities, with a research and education hub. It would address a significant lack of local community sporting and recreational facilities.

You can learn more about the RAF project on the City's website or listen to the Council debate here.

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