Be prepared for storm season

News Update 10 June 2022

From now until October, dangerous storms can wreak havoc on communities, posing a threat to property, people and animals.

Gail force winds, hail, flash flooding and lighting are the main cause of destruction across the south of WA but there things you can do to prepare yourself and your home for storm season:

  • Keep trees pruned around your home to prevent falling branches on to your roof or car
  • Clear gutters and downpipes to prevent overflowing after heavy rain
  • Pack away or tie down loose objects, such as outdoor furniture that could be carried by strong winds
  • Have an emergency kit with a battery operated radio, torch, spare batteries and first aid supplies
  • Plan for an emergency and be ready to move your family or pets if your home is damaged by flood or a falling tree.

Be sure to contact the State Emergency Service for help on 13 25 00 if you require assistance to repair storm damage and keep up to date with storm warnings from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) by visiting, calling 13 DFES or following them on Facebook or Twitter. 

You can also report local incidents of storm damage, such as a fallen tree on a road or in a park, by contacting the City on 9474 0777 or Make a Request online.

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