Getting it sorted with foreshore bins

Media Release 20 April 2022
Recycling bins on the South Perth Foreshore will soon be a permanent fixture following the City's public recycling bin trial in 2021. 

The year-long trial has led to the permanent installation of 11 bins along the South Perth Foreshore, Sir James Mitchell Park and Mindeerup, ensuring more waste is diverted from landfill.  

Recently, the City received a WasteSorted grant from the WA Waste Authority to help address the issue of high contamination levels collected during the trial.

Grant funding will assist the City in adding more signage and information stickers to bins, as well as the creating of special containers for the collection of plastic bottle tops. 

The installation of new recycling infrastructure will help to reduce contamination and make our recycling efforts count. 

Keep an eye out for our recently installed bins at our City locations or visit our Recycling page to find out more about the City's recycling programs.