Hold a neighbourhood event

News Update 19 January 2022

Whether it be a garage sale, picnic, games for children or morning tea, hosting an event with your neighbours is a great way to get to know each other. Streets Meets is a program designed to help residents plan and run safe events in their street. We have put together an easy-to-follow guide and checklist to help you plan your event and get the necessary approvals, including consent to close your street if you require. 

We also have Streets Meets kits available to borrow from George Burnett Leisure Centre to help make your event a success. New equipment has just been added including party games, sidewalk chalk and cricket equipment.

What are the benefits of holding a Streets Meets event?

  • Increased sense of belonging in the community
  • Get to know new neighbours
  • Strengthen bonds with neighbours and looking out for each other
  • Improved community safety.

Streets Meets activities could include:

  • Kids’ play in the street
  • Street garage sale
  • Morning tea or coffee
  • Picnic
  • Any activity that gets people outside their front doors and chatting to each other.

Learn more about Streets Meets.