Bronze echidna sculpture restored

News Update 7 July 2021
The City is pleased to report that a missing sculpture has been restored at Jan-Doo Park in Salter Point. The much-loved bronze echidna sculpture, titled Whistling Eagle by Toogarr Morrison and Julie Crockett, disappeared in 2020 and was never recovered despite the best efforts of the City and local Police. 

The City worked with artist Toogarr Morrison and sculpture Greg James to recreate the dreamtime-inspired artwork, complete with high-grade reinforcements, and bring it back to its rightful home as the centrepiece of the fountain at Jan-Doo Park. The sculpture was remodelled and recast, requiring significant work to recreate.

Whistling Eagle is the first work of Aboriginal public art in the City of South Perth and is also the oldest, commissioned by Landcorp and installed in 2000. The work is inspired by a dreaming story and holds great significance. 

Jan-Doo Park is located at Kenneally Cct in Salter Point.

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