Solar energy powers City buildings

Media Release 30 June 2021

The City of South Perth is working to increase its use of renewable energy by installing solar power systems at City buildings. The project will harness energy from the sun to help power the City’s Civic Centre, Operations Centre, Manning Community Facility and South Perth Library. Systems installed this month are the latest in modern solar technology and are in addition to solar panels already in operation. 

The solar power systems will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 144 tonnes – equivalent to emissions produced by 31 average cars each year. Energy production will be monitored by the City using smart meter technology.

The project will reduce the City’s energy bills by around $47,000 annually and is expected to have paid for itself within five years.    

The City of South Perth is a member of the Climate Council Cities Power Partnership—a network of 140 councils across Australia committed to taking action on climate change.

The City is also developing a Greenhouse Gas Forecast and Carbon Reduction Roadmap Report to set clear carbon reduction targets and put a plan in place to achieve them.

City of South Perth Mayor Greg Milner said the project would reduce electricity costs and improve the City’s long-term financial sustainability.

“We are always looking for ways to ensure the City’s operations are as cost-efficient as possible. Increasing our use of cost-effective renewable energy is just one of the ways the City is delivering sustainable and financially responsible services to our community.  

 “By reducing the City’s reliance on electricity from the grid, we are looking out for future generations. This project will deliver significant long term cost savings and limit the impact electricity price rises could have on us in years to come.

“This project is not only economically sensible but will help to mitigate environmental impact by reducing emissions.”

Solar energy project 

Manning Community Centre 
New 30kW solar system = estimated 34 tonne reduction in emissions. 

Civic Centre
33.67kW solar system = estimated 39 tonne reduction in emissions. 

Operations Centre
30kW solar system = estimated 33 tonne reduction in emissions.

South Perth Library
33.67kW solar system = estimated 38 tonne reduction in emissions.

Learn more about the City's climate change commitments.

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