Amendment 57 – Canning Highway (East)

News Update 8 June 2021
Canning Highway

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment 57 to the City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme No. 6.

Amendment 57 applies to land along either side and close to Canning Highway generally between the boundary with the Town of Victoria Park and Elizabeth Street and Arundel Street.

The amendment was endorsed by the City in December 2018 and has since been awaiting final approval from the State Government. Amendment 57 proposed increases in density coding throughout the area and would allow buildings between 4 to 6 storeys. For certain properties nearby to Canning Highway, additional building height and plot ratio was available under the amendment, when a range of community benefits were provided.

The Minister made a number of modifications to the amendment endorsed by the City including:

  • Removal of provisions relating to bonus height. As a consequence, requirements to provide a range of community benefits in return for the bonus height were also removed;
  • Increases to density codes for properties that were previously permitted bonus height;
  • Alignment with the recently updated R-Codes, resulting in various changes to building setbacks.

The Minister's modifications do not allow any building within the precinct to exceed the City’s endorsed maximum height of 6 storeys.

The amendment takes effect from 1 June 2021.

For more details about the amendment visit the Canning Highway project page.

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