Collier Park Golf closed Monday 10 May

News Update 5 May 2021
Maintenance Works

Collier Park Golf Course will be closed on Monday 10 May to allow for the safe removal of a number of dying trees from the carpark area. 

The City has received advice from an arborist to remove ten Casuarina trees that have become infected with a fungus. By acting on this now we are reducing the risk of the fungus spreading so that the leafy tree canopy at Collier Park Golf can be maintained. 

The pathogen identified in the trees is Diplodia spp which is a known pathogen of Pinus and other species such as Casuarinas.

Collier Park Golf Course is sited on an old pine plantation, and the remnant pines are a key roosting site for cockatoos, including the endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo. The removal of the infected Casuarinas in the carpark will stop the spread of disease and prevent infection of the Pine trees that form this significant habitat. Closing the course will facilitate the safe and fast removal of the infected car-park trees. 

The City has an ongoing tree planting and replacement program at the golf course to maintain canopy coverage and make up for any tree loss due to age, damage or disease as part of our Urban Forest Strategy. 

We would like to thank all visitors to Collier Park Golf for their patience and understanding as this important work is carried out. 

Collier Park Mini Golf will also be closed on Monday 10 May. Please check the Collier Park Golf website for up to date opening hours.


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