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News Update 8 January 2021
Karawara Vision

Over 120 Karawara community members came together on Wednesday 17th December in George Burnett Park to share in a Community Christmas Dinner.

The dinner is a community-driven initiative organised by the HOME Karawara group which not only brings the community together, but provides food relief for families and the homeless, as well as connecting people to representatives of service providers who can assist with issues such as housing, financial difficulties and mental health. 

A nutritious meal was prepared and served by volunteers led by Josh Serafini, who has lived experience of being homeless and now dedicates his time to helping people in the position he was once in. Josh cooks in the George Burnett Leisure Centre kitchen every Monday and delivers food to local residents and homeless who greatly benefit from his goodwill.

The HOME Karawara group are looking to continue to build upon the success of the Christmas dinner and bring the Karawara community together for regular dinners throughout 2021.

The dinner was made possible thanks to an incredible group of volunteers and members of the HOME Karawara Group as well as the very kind financial contributions from the Royal Perth Golf Club.

For more information about the City's vision for Karawara, visit the Karawara project page on the City's website.

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