New mini golf for Collier Park Golf

News Update 26 November 2020

Collier Park Golf will soon feature a new mini golf course with unique landscaping, 18 holes, a central pavilion and water features.

The mini golf will complement Collier Park Golf's existing 27 hole golf course, café and pro shop facilities providing a shorter format social game. There will be no impact on the existing 27 hole golf course.

Mini golf will be located between the car park and the first hole on the Pines course, a currently unused area directly to the east of the existing club house.

Construction is anticipated to commence in December 2020 with completion anticipated for April 2021.

During construction there will be minimal disruption to golfers and other patrons. Any occasional disruption will be scheduled during off-peak times when possible.

With a growing demand for more engaging, shorter format recreational activities, golf is having to adapt. Traditional 18-hole golf, a key element of the current Collier Park Golf Course business, is a declining market and in order to remain relevant, there is a need to appeal to new players by broadening the golf offering. Diversification and the development of mini golf is essential for the long term financial viability of Collier Park Golf. 

To find out more about the mini golf course visit Collier Park Golf.

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