Notice of approved Town Planning Scheme No. 6 Amendment No. 60

Public Notice 21 May 2020
Waterford Triangle

Planning and Development Act 2005

Approved Local Planning Scheme Amendment 

Town Planning Scheme No. 6 – Amendment No. 60

It is hereby notified for public information, in accordance with Section 87(3) of the Planning and Development Act 2005 that the Minister for Planning approved Amendment No. 60 to the City of South Perth Town Planning Scheme No. 6 on 8 May 2020.

The amendment relates to land bounded by Garvey Street, Keaney Place, McKay Street and Curtin University, Waterford. The amendment increases the residential density code from R20 to R100, increases the Building Height Limit from 7.0 metres to 17.5 metres, introduces provisions to allow development up to 24.5 metres in height subject to specific criteria, and introduces a new discretionary land use of ‘Student Accommodation Facility’.

For more information visit or contact the City’s Strategic Planning department on 9474 0777. 

Sam Fagan, Secretary, Western Australian Planning Commission
Greg Milner, Mayor, City of South Perth
Geoff Glass, Chief Executive Officer, City of South Perth

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