City encourages residents to continue recycling effectively

Media Release 13 December 2019

The City of South Perth urges residents to continue being diligent with their recycling to ensure no contamination in their yellow bins. This means keeping food, liquids, soft plastics and textiles out of their recycling bins.

After the fire at the Cleanaway Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in South Guildford last week, the capacity to process recycling is now reduced. The City is one of a number of local governments that uses Cleanaway to process its recycling.  

The loss of this significant recycling facility cannot be absorbed immediately. However, Cleanaway is working with other recycling processing facilities to manage the recycling materials previously received at the MRF, and continues to investigate options for the remaining material, that will otherwise unfortunately be going to landfill.

It important to keep recycling as usual, so remember to: 

  • Rinse bottles, jars and containers to ensure they are clean and empty.
  • Do not place batteries or aerosols, polystyrene containers or meat trays, plastic bags or cling wrap in your recycling. 
  • Remove lids from containers and place them in the general waste bin.
  • Remove the greasy half of pizza boxes before recycling. 

City of South Perth Mayor Greg Milner encourages residents to keep up their good recycling habits, particularly over the holiday season. 

“The less contaminated material that goes into our recycling bins, the less it costs the City – that’s good for the environment, and good for ratepayers,” Mayor Milner said. 

“The City is doing the best we can in the circumstances and we ask people to keep up their good recycling habits and minimise their waste where possible.

“The City will continue to communicate with Cleanaway on any updates as they investigate options for managing recyclables.” 

The Recycling Centre continues accepting residents’ e-waste; fluorescent lighting tubes and globes; scrap metal including fridges, washing machines and microwaves; and household and vehicle batteries. These are not handled by Cleanaway. 

Details about recycling effectively can be found on the City’s website on the Recycling page.

Residents will receive their 2020 Waste and Recycling Calendars from 13-17 January, enclosed with their copy of Peninsula.

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