Community-wide feedback sought on draft South Perth ACP

News Update 12 July 2019
South Perth Activity Centre Plan
There are only ten days left to provide feedback on the draft South Perth Activity Centre Plan (ACP) and proposed Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 61 (Amendment No. 61). We encourage everyone to have their say to ensure that feedback represents the views of the whole community.

The draft ACP and Amendment No. 61 set out the long term vision and planning requirements for development in the South Perth Peninsula area. 

Potential development scenarios have been prepared to help explain the draft ACP and proposed Amendment No. 61. These scenarios are based on estimates of the likely amount of future development. They are hypothetical as each site is subject to a range of considerations and the detailed design, size and site location of proposed new buildings are not known until a Development Application is submitted. The potential development scenarios show two possible ways in which the expected amount of development could be distributed.

The City does not have enough information about future development at this time to produce accurate overshadowing diagrams. Overshadowing modelling needs to be based on a detailed building design as these details will determine the exact amount of overshadowing caused. Once finalised, the draft ACP and proposed Amendment No. 61 will guide development in the area, including the shape and form of buildings. One of the requirements in the draft ACP is a limit on the amount of overshadowing of adjacent properties that may be caused by a new development. This requirement is more stringent than that which currently applies in the area as well as the Apartment Design Guides, and will influence the design of future buildings once the draft ACP is finalised. 

A wide range of information including fact sheets and potential development scenarios is available at Feedback can be submitted in a number of ways until Monday 22 July 2019.

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