Resident information for Kylie Minogue concert

News Update 1 March 2019

The Kylie Minogue concert organised by Mellen Events will take place on Saturday 9 March 2019 on Sir James Mitchell Park (Zones 6,7 and 8), South Perth Foreshore. Approximately 8,500 people are expected to attend. 

Speaker tuning will take place on Friday 8 March. Sounds checks will take place on Saturday 9 March, and the event will open at 3.30pm and conclude at 10.10pm.

The City has liaised with the event organiser to ensure thorough event management planning is in place, including: risk management, parking and traffic management, noise management, crowd control, first aid and waste management.

Traffic Management and Temporary Road/Path Closures

Traffic management staff and additional City of South Perth Rangers will be on site to manage parking and assist in minimising impacts on nearby residents.

For the safety of the general public and concert attendees, a small section of Forrest Street (between Mill Point Road and Hopetoun Street) will be closed to vehicles from 5pm to 11pm, Saturday 9 March (local residents and their guests will only be permitted access).

Two sections of the principle shared path will be closed for a temporary period from 10am Friday 8 February to 11pm Saturday 9 March 2019. Users/cyclists/walkers traveling along this path are asked to follow the detour/traffic management measures in place.

Will there be parking restrictions in place?

Yes, due to the scale of this concert, temporary parking restrictions will be in place within the area for the whole day on Saturday 9 March 2019 (see map).

Your cooperation assists emergency services to have adequate access in and out of the event area and provide the best possible service on the day. The restrictions are also to alleviate congestion and to provide a safe environment for local traffic whilst the event is in action. 

The rationale for the temporary restrictions are as follows:

  • Unrestricted zone – To ensure on-street parking is available to local residents, visitors, trades etc.
  • Restricted zone – To address congestion and to provide a safe environment for two-way traffic flow for local traffic.

Pink Area – Restricted Parking (see map

Anyone can access this area but parking is restricted to maintain sufficient access. Residents or guests that ordinarily park on the road must observe the temporary parking signs. Generally these restrictions are only one side of the road (unless the street is not wide enough).

Generally parking is still available on the verge for residents (unless there is signage stating otherwise). To find out if your street is affected please refer to the map.

I live in the 'pink area' can I park on my verge like I usually do?

Yes you can. Temporary restrictions in the residential area only apply to the road, not the verge. Please make sure you check the signs. 

How do I prove I’m a resident? 

Proof is not required. Access into your area is the same as any other day.

How do the parking restrictions affect me?

Signs must be adhered too. The restrictions are to alleviate congestion and to provide a safe environment for local traffic whilst the event is in action.

Will I get fined if I park on my own verge or have multiple cars on my verge?

No you won’t get fined on the verge adjacent to your property. However, if you do have anyone that parks their vehicle on the verge without your permission, you can contact the City’s Ranger Services on 9474 0777 and a Ranger will attend.

How will people get to and from the concert? 

The City is encouraging patrons to use public transport, walk or participate in ride-sharing to minimise the amount of vehicles travelling to and from the concert site.

Free public transport (bus, train, ferry) is provided for all ticket holders. Ticket holders simply show their valid ticket as proof to ride and are encouraged to check for timetables and for updates. 

The City and event organiser Mellen events do not recommend driving to the event as there is very limited parking available. ACROD parking entrance is on Coode St.

How will noise be managed at the concert? 

Mellen Events is working closely with the City of South Perth and event stakeholders to manage the noise impacts on local residents. A professional audio technician will be on-site to monitor the noise levels to ensure they conform to the approved limits. 

Who do I contact for more information?

For further information regarding the concert, please contact Mellen Events on 9383 3534 or by email to More information regarding the concert can also be found on the internet via

Mellen Events