Scheme Amendment No. 57 Canning Highway (East) endorsed by Council

News Update 21 December 2018
Canning Highway

At the December 2018 Council meeting, the City of South Perth Council resolved to support Scheme Amendment No. 57 Canning Highway (East). 

The amendment proposes to provide for redevelopment to occur along Canning Highway with buildings ranging in height between 3 and 6 storeys. The amendment also proposes to: 

  • Create a new precinct for the subject area (land at the north-eastern end of Canning Highway, broadly between Arundel Street and Berwick Street), ‘Precinct 16: Canning Highway (East)’
  • Create a new Schedule 14 to include development provisions relating to height, pot ratio, setbacks, building design and vehicle access for all new comprehensive development within the precinct
  • Create a new special control area for land fronting Canning Highway at the eastern end of the new precinct to resolve vehicular access issues. 

Public consultation was undertaken for a period of 63 days. The City received 28 submissions supporting the amendment including submissions with qualified support and 29 submissions opposing the amendment.

A total of 35 submissions requested modifications to the amendment including requests to expand the amendment area, modify height controls and amendment zonings to allow for a greater range of land use.

At the December Council meeting, the Council resolved to support the proposed amendment subject to some minor modifications and will now forward the amendment to the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) for final assessment and approval. The City will now await the assessment of the WAPC and the decision of the Minister for Planning.

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