Council endorse Annual Budget 2018/2019

Media Release 28 June 2018

The City of South Perth has formally adopted its 2018/2019 Annual Budget, following a Council Meeting held on Tuesday 26 June 2018. 

With an allocated capital expenditure of $19.96 million, this budget focuses on delivering community benefits to all ratepayers through the provision of key services, infrastructure, community buildings, parks and reserves. 

This budget provides for new community facilities while also supporting responsible spending on roads, paths and drainage infrastructure, water-wise initiatives, reticulation, park and playground upgrades and renewal of foreshore assets.

City of South Perth Mayor, Sue Doherty commended the budget, which will guide Council’s financial position for the next twelve months. 

“In developing the Annual Budget, Council were conscious of our community’s expectations in relation to household budgets, while also acknowledging the continued need to provide a diverse range of high quality services and essential infrastructure to all community members,” Mayor Doherty said.

“The Council recognises that effective financial management and good stewardship of its assets are among the most important responsibilities the City performs for the community.

“This budget is the result of a considered and sustainable approach to financial management that will allow the City to deliver on the themes identified through community visioning and strategic planning processes, reflecting the priorities and aspirations of the community. It ensures we provide tangible benefits to our community and deliver maximum value from each dollar spent.”

The 2018/2019 Fees and Charges schedule will be published on the City's website on Monday 2 July 2018.

Key projects in the 2018/19 budget include:

Major projects

  • $4 million Connect South Stage One works; development of a piazza on the Mends Street foreshore and minor upgrades to Mends Street North
  • $1.265 million Ernest Johnson Reserve redevelopment Stage Two works
  • $500,000 Ernest Johnson Reserve redevelopment and Stage Three works.


  • $2.74 million roadworks; resurfacing and rehabilitation
  • $1.9 million park renewal and upgrades
  • $598,100 traffic management renewals and upgrades
  • $524,100  path installation, renewal and upgrades 
  • $265,000 drainage improvements.

Community and sporting facilities

  • $230,000 Neil McDougall toilets 
  • $160,000 Kindergarten upgrade works
  • $150,000 Old Mill and cottage House roof replacement and air conditioning
  • $105,000 Manning Seniors air conditioning
  • $100,000 sports oval floodlighting strategy implementation
  • $40,000 Collins Street Centre community hall improvements
  • $30,000 Hazel McDougall House Milking Shed improvements.


  • $650,000 Olives Reserve upgrade
  • $140,000 street tree planting and infill program
  • $205,000 playground upgrades
  • $123,000 streetscapes renewal program
  • $94,000 water management initiatives
  • $90,000 senescent street tree removal and replacement
  • $54,000 Mount Henry Spit revegetation.

Your rates

In 2018/19 the rate increase for an average property in the City of South Perth will be 1.6%.  

In benchmarking against other metropolitan local governments, the City continues to be competitive. Local governments with lower rates typically have a large industrial or commercial rate base. In comparison, commercial properties in the City represent less than 12% of the total rate base.

To find out more about how rates are calculated and what they are used for visit,

Domestic rubbish service charge

The City has one of the lowest domestic rubbish service charges in the Perth metropolitan area.

A significant cost pressure has impacted on the domestic rubbish service charge for the coming year, and as such the fee will increase from $280 (2017/18) to $305 (2018/19) remaining one of the lowest of all metropolitan local governments. 

This increase is a direct result of China’s policy to limit the amount of recyclable materials the country accepts, with charges increasing more than 800% per tonne.

The City’s domestic rubbish service includes weekly rubbish pick-up, fortnightly recycling collection and two green waste and one general waste vergeside collections per year. In addition, resident ratepayers receive two green waste and one general waste voucher to the City’s Recycling Centre.

Emergency Services Levy

The State Government’s Emergency Services Levy (ESL) will again appear on all local government rate notices. Monies collected will be forwarded directly to Fire & Emergency Services Authority (FESA). 

This charge is outside the control of local governments. It is set by the State Government and is not retained as revenue by the City. In 2018/2019 the levy will increase by 9.71% for residential properties.

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