South Perth Station Precinct works update: week commencing 28 May 2018

Public Notice 28 May 2018

Approved works within the South Perth Station Precinct for the week commencing 28 May 2018:

Construction site - abnormal works*
Scott Street Road closure with detours for drainage works. CoSP 28-30 May 8am - 6pm
5 Harper Terrace (Reva)
Subject to final approval. Water and sewer connection works, Harper Terrace road closure. Resident access from Mill Point Road, construction access from South Perth Esplanade.
Water Corporation / Hanssen 31 May 7am-5pm
39 Mends Street (Echelon) Early morning start concrete pour, truck access via South Perth Esplanade reversing into site.
Giorgi 29 May 5.30am-2.30pm
21-23 Mends Street (Harper Tce) Early morning start concrete pour with truck access from Mill Point Road and South Perth Esplanade.
Quest Apartments / Pindan
30 May


5 Harper Terrace (Reva)
Subject to final approval.
Harper Terrace half road closure with reversible flow managed by traffic control for internal concrete pour.
Hanssen  1-2 June 7am-12pm
Construction site - general approvals**
39 Mends Street (Echelon)
Dewatering, shotcreting piled walls, excavation, formwork and concrete pours. Truck movements on South Perth Esplanade. Full time traffic management in place on South Perth Esplanade during work hours. Giorgi
28 May-2 Jun 7am-5pm
21 Mends Street (Harper Terrace) Reinforcement steel deliveries and steel fixing, including delivery truck entering/exiting the site, concrete pouring to slabs/columns/walls, including concrete trucks entering/ exiting the site. Mobilisation of minor materials and equipment to site for plumbing, electrical and mechanical works. Delivery and installation of formwork and scaffold to site, including delivery trucks entering/exiting the site. Delivery and installation of precast concrete walls. Delivery and installation of AFS.
Quest Apartments/Pindan 28 May-2 Jun 7am-5pm
35 Mends Street Car Park demolition works, traffic control for truck access on Mends Street.  Pindan  28 May-15 Jun  7am-7pm
1 Stone Street Internal works on site with pedestrian detours and parking area closures for deliveries on Scott Street and Stone Street.
Danmar Developments

28 May-2 Jun

5 Harper Terrace (Reva) General truck movements on Harper Terrace, Remedial work on sinkhole, road & diaphragm wall. Minor concrete pours. Hanssen 28 May-2 Jun 7am-5pm
26 Charles Street Bulk earthworks and reduced levels. Some head works for contiguous piles. Preparation for some concrete formwork and reinforcement.
Pindan 28 May-2 Jun 7am-5pm
Other works
South Perth Esplanade Operation of Autonomous bus trials on South Perth Esplanade, Mill Point Close and Mill Point Road. RAC 28 May-2 Jun 9am-5pm
Mends Street (Mill Point Rd to South Perth Esplanade) Closure of Mends Street for the Mends Street Community Market (Sunday weekly). Mend Street Traders/City of South Perth 3 Jun 5am-2pm
Upcoming works
Mends Street (Mill Point Road - South Perth Esplanade) Closure of Mends Street for the Mends Street Markets (Sunday Weekly) Mends Street Traders / CoSP
10 June 5am-2pm
South Perth Esplanade Operation of Autonomous bus on South Perth Esplanade, Mill Point Close and Mill Point Road. RAC 8 & 25 Jun 9am-1pm


To report a safety or accident hazard please contact the City or report the incident online via the City's Report It page.

Details of other road works in the City can be found on the construction and maintenance work page of the website.

*Abnormal works
Abnormal works are one off activities that require significant truck movements, obstructions to movement such as road closures and detours or works outside of the normal working hours. These works are subject to a separate approval process and are considered on an individual basis. Approvals may include the need to notify residents of the temporary change and in the case of works outside of normal working hours require subsequent approvals from the City’s Environmental Health Team and CEO.
**General Approvals
General approvals are granted to construction sites and long-term activities in the Station Precinct for daily activities such as general truck movements for deliveries and minor concrete pours. These works are only to be undertaken during normal working hours (7am – 7pm Monday -Saturday) and do not include works that will have a significant impact on access through/past the site area. General works are subject to a monthly approval process.

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