Construction & Maintenance Work

Capital Works Program

The City of South Perth designs, constructs, and maintains municipal infrastructure and services to improve the amenity, functionality, safety, and the aesthetics of the area. 

The Engineering Infrastructure department coordinates the delivery of capital works projects as outlined in the Annual Budget

Capital works projects include:

  • Road works (resurfacing, kerb replacement) 
  • Traffic management measures (e.g. installing traffic calming devices)
  • Slab path replacement (replacing slab paths with concrete)
  • Installation of new paths 
  • Stormwater drainage (e.g. installation of new road gullies and stormwater drains).

Roads are condition-rated against a range of criteria to determine the need for, and timing of, preventative or remedial action to prevent loss of service. The ratings address factors such as structure, surface cracking, ride-ability, age and predicted increases in traffic volumes and vehicle classifications. 

Road works are coordinated so as to minimise disruptions to residents, motorists and pedestrians. For example, road works located near residential areas are carried out mostly in the day, and road works near schools and busy roads are scheduled for non-peak hours.

Work on the City’s roads, footpaths and verges can be carried out by a number of different service providers. In general, the City manages the local roads within the local government area and the main, State controlled roads are managed by Main Roads WA.


The City allocates a portion of its annual expenditure each year to the improvement and preservation of its road network and also accesses state and federal government funding.

Road network capital expenditure 2015/16:

  • City of South Perth contribution - $1,774,560
  • State and Commonwealth funding - $943,000.

Local Maintenance Work

The City maintains municipal assets including roads, footpaths and stormwater gullies. 

Maintenance works include:

  • Cleaning of stormwater gullies
  • Sweeping of streets, footpaths, cycleways and car parks 
  • Footpath repairs
  • Road repairs (e.g. potholes)
  • Street and parking sign replacement or repair (excluding regulatory signs e.g. speed signs)
  • Weed spraying (footpaths, kerb lines).

Public utility works

Public utility providers and their contractors also work within the City’s verges, roads and footpaths. These include:

  • Western Power
  • Water Corporation
  • Telecommunications (e.g. Telstra)
  • NBN  
  • Atco Gas.

Planned and current local works  

News Listings

September 2016

Footpath works during September and October

News Update 16 September 2016

In accordance with the 2016/2017 Capital Works Program, the City will carry out footpath works during September and October.

Road Works

Works in Your Neighbourhood

News Update 1 September 2016

The following works are scheduled for October, November and December.

Road Works
July 2016

Works in Your Neighbourhood

News Update 1 July 2016

Road works scheduled for July, August and September 2016.

Road Works