Construction & Maintenance Work

The City maintains municipal assets including roads, footpaths and stormwater gullies. Maintenance works include:

  • Cleaning of stormwater gullies
  • Sweeping of streets, footpaths, cycleways and car parks 
  • Footpath and road repairs (e.g. potholes)
  • Street and parking sign replacement or repair (excluding regulatory signs e.g. speed signs)
  • Weed spraying (footpaths, kerb lines).

Public utility providers and their contractors such as Western Power, Water Corporation, telecommunications (e.g. Telstra), NBN, Atco Gas also work within the City’s verges, roads and footpaths. 

February - March 2017 - upcoming works in your neighbourhood

Road works and pavement rehabilitation

Works include some or all of the following: resurfacing with stone mastic asphalt, replacement of street kerbing on same alignment, replacement/installation of stormwater drainage structures and replacement signage and road markings. 

  • Bessel Avenue – Canning Highway to Throssell Street

Stormwater Drainage

Works include upgrade of existing stormwater drainage networks to increase storage capacity and mitigate localised flooding within various urban catchments.

  • Catchment 36: Elizabeth Street – Addison Street to Milson Street
  • Catchment 32: Albert Street – Rose Avenue to Coode Street
  • Catchment 34: Anstey Street - South Terrace to Hensman Street
  • Catchment 15: Melville Parade – Hardy Street and Bowman Street

Traffic management

Installation of traffic calming measures.

  • Mount Henry Road – at intersection with Hope Avenue. Construction of roundabout and street light upgrade
  • Banksia Terrace – installation of two one-way treatments
  • Ley Street – Peterson Street to Cloister Avenue – speed treatment
  • Bessell Avenue – Canning Highway to Throssell Street – slow point

    Planned and current local works  

    News Listings

    February 2017

    Road rehabilitation works - Vista Street, Kensington

    News Update 23 February 2017

    From 7 March, the City will be undertaking road rehabilitation works along Vista Street between Dyson Street and Banksia Terrace in Kensington.

    Road Works

    Redmond Reserve path closure

    News Update 21 February 2017

    The pathway between Redmond stairs and Salter Point Parade in Redmond Reserve will be closed from Tuesday, 7 March 2017 until Friday, 10 March.

    Maintenance Works

    South Perth Station Precinct works update: week commencing 20 February 2017

    News Update 17 February 2017

    Approved works within the South Perth Station Precinct for the week commencing 20 February 2017.

    Road Works SPSP Traffic

    Road rehabilitation works on Waterford Avenue

    News Update 15 February 2017

    The City will be undertaking road rehabilitation works along Waterford Avenue between Manning Road and Mullingar Close.

    Road Works

    Stormwater drainage upgrade on Anstey Street

    News Update 15 February 2017

    Drainage works will be carried out along Anstey Street from the week commencing 27th February 2017.

    Road Works