Road Rehabilitation Works - Labouchere Road, South Perth

News Update 29 March 2018
Road Works

In accordance with the 2017/18 Capital Works Program, the City of South Perth will be undertaking road rehabilitation works at the following location:

Labouchere Road between South Terrace and Hensman Street, South Perth

Commencing 4 April 2018, the works will take approximately 5 weeks to complete, weather permitting. Works will be will take place both at night and during the day.  Night works are required to avoid major disruption of high-volume daytime traffic. The current schedule is as follows:
  • Day-works: 4 April to 20 April, between 10am and 3pm
  • Night-works: 9 - 12 April and 6 - 9 May, between 7pm to 6am
  • Weekend works: 6 May 9am-5pm.

Activities taking place at night will include kerb removal and replacement, milling of the existing road surface, resurfacing with new asphalt and traffic management.

Equipment and vehicle movements may create some noise for adjacent residents. To minimise disturbance to residents as much as possible, an out-of-hours Noise Management Plan has been prepared by the main contractor, Roads2000, and approved by the City of South Perth.

The roads will be closed at certain times to through-traffic. Local residents will be permitted to access their properties, although some delays may occur. On-street parking will also be restricted to facilitate the works.
The works will involve the removal and replacement of kerbing. If residents have reticulation on the kerb line it will be temporarily cut, capped and relocated away from the kerb. A notice will be placed in letterboxes upon reinstatement of reticulation. The City requests that residents test their systems within a two week period of receipt of the notice and if issues present they are to notify the City as soon as possible.

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