Australia Day 2018 important traffic and parking information for residents

News Update 16 January 2018
Australia Day

Australia Day Parking Map 2018

The following information is provided for local residents who live in or close to the Australia Day event zone. Road restrictions have been implemented to provide emergency services with adequate access in and out of the event area and to provide the best possible service on the day. 

The Kwinana Freeway exit ramps (Northbound and Southbound) and the roads bounded by Labouchere Road, Angelo Street, Douglas Avenue, Canning Highway and Ellam Street will be closed from 12pm to 10.30pm on Friday 26 January 2018.

Access restricted area - orange area (see map)

Roads within the orange area will be closed from 12pm to 10.30pm on Friday 26 January 2018. No street, verge or crossover parking will be permitted during this time. 

Residents can enter via the points marked.

The following FAQs are for those residing in the orange area of the map:

Can I park on my private property?

Yes. You do not need a special permit to park on your private property (driveway or carport). You can enter the area by presenting a valid driver’s license listing your current address.

If you do not have your current address listed on your driver’s license, you will need to provide alternative identification with your name on it, such as a utility bill.

I live in a single residential property and I don’t have private parking space, do I need a permit?

Yes. You need a 2018 Australia Day Resident Verge permit to park on the verge in front of your property. If you park on the crossover in front of your property, this is considered part of the verge and you will need a verge permit to park there.

I expect visitors on Australia Day, where can my visitors park? 

If you have parking space available on your private property, you will require a 2018 Australia Day Visitor Access permit for your guests. Please note that this permit does not allow them to park on a verge (including your crossover) or in the street.

I require a care provider on Australia Day, where can my carer park?

Should you have a care provider scheduled to visit on Australia Day 2018, please contact the City during business hours on 9474 0777 to arrange a special permit.

How do I apply for a 2018 Australia Day Resident Verge permit or Visitor Access permit?

This year, applications can be submitted online. Hard copies have also been distributed to relevant residents as part of the 2018 Australia Day flyer and these are also available for collection at the Civic Centre.

To obtain a 2018 Australia Day Resident Verge permit you must reside in the Orange Area, in a single residential property (this does not apply to multi storey properties and unit complexes) and your vehicle must be registered to your address. If your vehicle is not registered to your address (e.g. people driving a work car), please provide proof that links your vehicle to your address (e.g. letter from employer).

Restricted parking - pink area (see map)

Anyone can access this area but parking is restricted to maintain sufficient access for emergency vehicles. Residents or guests who ordinarily park on the road or verge (this includes your crossover), must observe the temporary parking signs. To find out if your street is affected please refer to the pink area on the map.


2018 Australia Day Visitor Access and Resident Verge permits must be presented to the traffic controllers upon entry into the access restricted area. Please place on your dashboard with your vehicle registration facing out.

Walking & Cycling Paths

Some sections of the cycle path along the South Perth Foreshore will be diverted from 7am to midnight on Australia Day to allow for event structures.

Penalties & Infringements

  • Double penalties apply to all City of South Perth infringements issued on Australia Day 2018.
  • Illegally parked vehicles within the Parking Restricted Area will be towed and impounded.

Items not allowed on the South Perth Foreshore

  • For safety reasons please do not bring large objects (greater than 1.5m) into the event zone. They will be impounded.
  • Please do not bring glass containers into the event zone.
  • Drones are not permitted to fly over populous areas so please don’t bring your drone to the Australia Day celebrations in South Perth. For more information visit

Impounded Goods

Collection of impounded goods can be arranged from Monday 29 January 2018 during business hours by phoning the City’s Ranger Services on 9474 0777.

For more information about Australia Day, visit the Australia Day page.

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