Local Heritage Inventory and Heritage List review

News Update 13 November 2017

The City is conducting a review of its Local Heritage Inventory and Heritage List. As part of the review, the City invited the community to share their views on heritage in the City.

The Inventory identifies and celebrates buildings and places within the City that are worthy of recognition for their local cultural heritage significance.

Places identified as being in the highest significance categories on the Inventory will form the Heritage List adopted under the City’s planning scheme.

The Heritage List provides statutory protection for, and is used to inform the management of, these buildings and places.

The preliminary community feedback period in September 2017 included a Community Information Session and heritage survey.

There will be further opportunity for owners of nominated properties to provide their feedback and be involved in the assessment process.

Once finalised, the draft Local Heritage Inventory and the Heritage List will be advertised for public comment before being adopted by Council.

For further details visit yoursay.southperth.wa.gov.au.

Media contact

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