Spraying of Weeds 19 June until 28 July 2017

Public Notice 29 May 2017

Subject to weather conditions, herbicide spraying will be carried out on turf areas of the parks, reserves and around buildings throughout the City of South Perth targeting broad leaf weeds and Bindii.

The turf registered selective herbicide “JOLT” will be used in accordance with the manufactures labelled directions and applied via boom sprayer on broadacre areas and smaller areas by hand spray.

A foam indicator will be used in conjunction with the selective herbicide. The foam will remain visible for approximately 2-3 hours after application.

Appropriate signage will be displayed on the moving vehicle and in strategic locations whilst the work is being undertaken with the spraying operation being monitored by City officers.

For technical information concerning product use or for spraying locations, please contact the City.

Geoff Glass
Chief Executive Officer
City of South Perth

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For more information, please contact the City.