Notice of adoption of Policy P316 Developer Contribution for Public Art and Public Art Spaces

Public Notice 2 May 2017

The City of South Perth Council have adopted the revised Policy P316 Developer Contribution for Public Art & Public Art Spaces at the Ordinary Council Meeting held on 26 April 2017.

Policy P316 has been in operation since July 2014 and requires developers of projects with a value of $4 million or greater to contribute towards public art within the City of South Perth. The revised policy:

  • Encourages contributions to the City’s Public Art Fund, by offering a discount on the required contribution amount
  • Ensures that large developments diversify their artwork budget allocation, by requiring part of the contribution to be paid into the Public Art Fund
  • Requires public art proposals to be assessed against the Qualitative Assessment Criteria set out in the City’s Public Art Toolkit – A Guide for Developers. 

The new policy applies to development where planning approval is issued on or after 27 April 2017. Visit the City’s website to view Policy P316.


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