Dewatering and water intrusion update

Media Response 23 February 2017

Journalist’s background: Media enquiry regarding dewatering at 96 Mill Point Rd and water intrusion at 100 Mill Point Rd, South Perth.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Mayor Sue Doherty.

Street trees along Labouchere Road median strip appear to have died since being photographed by Google Street View three months ago, prompting residents to speculate about changes in salinity, as I wrote in the previous story (pic attached). Do City officers know why these trees have died? 

Jacaranda trees out front of the Bowman Street property also appear dead or dying. Could the City explain whether it knows why this is? 

The City has commissioned an independent arborist to inspect the trees on the Labouchere Road median strip and provide a report. Comment will be forthcoming. The City is not in a position to comment on the jacarandas.

The City's website says Labouchere Road (Mill Point Road - Mends Street) Southbound lane closure to support dewatering truck movements, currently operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 6 February- 12 February 24h, is this dewatering still continuing?

Dewatering of the ‘Aurelia’ site at 96 Mill Point Road in South Perth is continuing and as a result, trucking water off site in water tankers from Labouchere Road is still on going. Traffic management is in place and there are currently no issues associated with the lane closure.

Is flooding at the 100 MP Road site continuing? How are the parties going on a potential solution? Is this causing lane blockage also? 

Water intrusion into the basement at 100 Mill Point Rd, South Perth has receded as a result of the localised water table being lowered. 

The property owners of 100 Mill Point Rd have measures in place to overcome any future issue. The City is not in a position to comment on the potential solutions being considered by the owners of 100 Mill Point Rd to resolve the matter. Water tankers are currently not blocking the kerbside lane outside of 100 Mill Point Rd.

How many incidents of footpaths sinking have there been in that area?

There has been one incident of a path failure associated with the works at ‘Aurelia’ site at 96 Mill Point Rd, South Perth and this was not due to groundwater level changes rather construction work at ‘Aurelia’. 

I understand the strata manager at 23 Bowman St has told the City groundwater has entered the lift shaft and parts of their basement there. Is the cause known, and what is being done by agencies including the City as far as the City knows?

City officers were advised by the strata manager of 23 Bowman Street, South Perth that groundwater had entered the lift shaft and parts of the building’s basement. The City is not in a position to comment on the cause of this water intrusion however have been in regular contact with the strata manager.

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