Footpath replacement works

News Update 24 January 2017
Road Works

As part of the 2016/17 Capital Works Program, the City will be replacing the slab footpaths on:

  • Dyson Street in South Perth, between Market Street and Vista Street – works to commence 30 January 2017
  • Bradshaw Crescent in  Manning, between Marsh Avenue and Welwyn Avenue – works to commence 6 February 2017
  • Mabel Street in Kensington, between Bland Street and Douglas Avenue – works to commence 7 February 2017
  • Henning Crescent in Manning, between Marsh Avenue and Welwyn Avenue – works to commence 13 February 2017

Works will involve the construction of a 1.5m wide insitu concrete footpath to replace the original concrete slab path.

The City requests that plants or shrubs/hedges on the verges in these areas be pruned back. Alternatively the City will make arrangements to undertake any required pruning or vegetation removal.

The City may be required to make changes to existing privately owned reticulation systems located in the verge. Where this applies, the City will undertake the required changes at no cost to the owner of the property. We request that systems are fully tested within three weeks of the completion of the project and that the City is advised of any problems. Unfortunately, after this period the City may not take responsibility for repairs.

Should the existing footpath section of your crossing be of slab construction, it will require an upgrade to concrete standard. If so, you will be notified by the contractor of the scheduled construction day. On that day you will be required to remove any vehicles by 7am. Entry to and exit from your property will be limited for one day to allow for curing time. Alternative parking of vehicles should be arranged for that day.

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