Salter Point lagoon update

Media Response 15 December 2016

Journalist’s background: I’m looking to do a story about the Salter Point lagoon and the issue regarding algae and mosquitoes on the site after a letter written to the paper by a resident today.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass.

What is the extent of the issue at Salter Point lagoon as the City of South Perth sees it?

Salter Point lagoon is a healthy natural wetland that changes its condition to adapt to seasonal changes. The water level in Salter Point lagoon drops during the warmer seasons as part of its natural cycle resulting in a natural increase in algal bloom.

Residents are concerned years of inaction from the City has lead to this problem – what has been done over the past five years to alleviate the issue at the lagoon?

To enhance ecological performance of the Salter Point lagoon, the City undertakes annual revegetation and monthly maintenance works that include weed control, rubbish collection, erosion control and monthly monitoring of the lagoon conditions and functioning. 

Revegetation and maintenance works are undertaken to ensure protection of the lagoon and improve natural habitat.

The letter writer tells us there has been representations made to the City on the issue from both local councillors and South Perth MP John McGrath, to no avail. Is this true and why has the City of South Perth CEO refused a meeting at the site?

City of South Perth staff brief and update councillors and South Perth MP John McGrath on Salter Point lagoon’s ecology. In addition, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and the relevant senior City staff have had numerous meetings on site at the lagoon with local residents. 

Is there an action plan being developed to resolve the issue?

The City manages Salter Point lagoon in accordance with recommendations included in the Salter Point and Waterford Foreshore management plan. The City consults with various relevant state agencies regarding the management of the lagoon and they support the City’s current management practices.

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