Cygnia Cove restoration works

News Update 12 December 2016

In 2016 the City successfully completed natural areas restoration works at Cygnia Cove Residential Estate as part of collaborative arrangement between the City and the Department of Parks and Wildlife under the Proactive Riverbank Funding Scheme.

These restoration works included weed and erosion control works as well as revegetation within the wetlands and foreshore reserve. 

Weed control with chemicals was reduced by using alternative methods such as manual weed removal, brush cutting, slashing and smothering of weeds with high density native plantings especially in the wetland areas.

As part of this project the City has undertaken a successful sedge planting trial in the retained wetland that resulted in a 100% plant survival rate.

These restoration works add many benefits including stabilising wetland embankments, reduced vegetation fragmentation and minimisation of weed cover. This in turn leads to improved water quality discharged in to the river via Clontarf bay due to high nutrient stripping properties of the planted native wetland plants.


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