Bush Forever boundaries

Media Response 2 December 2016
Journalist’s background: Media enquiry regarding the Department of Planning’s proposed changes to Bush Forever boundaries in the Perth Metro Region Scheme.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth Sue Doherty.

The Department of Planning’s proposal for Bush Forever boundary changes in the Perth Metropolitan Region Scheme, including within Waterford, are in a draft form and have not yet been finalised due to the current consultation process with local government authorities. The City of South Perth will review the draft document and provide comments to the Department of Planning in a timely manner. At this stage it is too early to comment on the proposed changes.

The City of South Perth has a number of Bush Forever sites located along our Swan and Canning foreshores. These sites represent the majority of the City’s nature conservation areas and provide valuable wildlife corridors. The City has been able to secure external funding to implement various environmental projects in the City’s Bush Forever sites that allow us to enhance their ecological value. It is a privilege for the City to have these high ecological value sites, not only are the City’s residents benefiting from these sites but also the City’s visitors.

As the proposed changes are still in a draft form and have not yet been finalised no further comment can be provided at this stage.

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