74 Mill Point Rd approved by Metro Central JDAP

Media Response 21 October 2016
South Perth Station Precinct

Journalist’s background: Media enquiry seeking a response to the Metro Central Joint Development Assessment Panel’s decision to approve the development application for 74 Mill Point Rd, South Perth on Wednesday 19 October 2016.

Please attribute the following quotes to City of South Perth CEO Geoff Glass.

The City has said it won't go to the supreme court to appeal but are there any other avenues to appeal the ruling?
The decision made by JDAP is the final decision in the current State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) appeal process, which was between the applicant and JDAP. The City’s involvement was to reassess the applicant’s amended development application and provide recommendations to JDAP. The City has no further right of appeal to the SAT.

Will this decision affect other developments around the precinct?
In order to demonstrate consistency, the matters considered by the JDAP and the reasons for approval will have to be considered by the JDAP when it makes other decisions on developments.

The City wants a 50-50 commerical to residential ratio for developments, what was the ratio for this development?
The City’s current Town Planning Scheme requires that developments such as this consist of predominantly non-residential uses to ensure the precinct consolidates its roles as an employment destination. The JDAP considered that this development met that requirement, however there needs to be some amendments to the plans, via a condition of approval to ensure the proportions are met.

What feedback does the City expect from the public about this ruling?
Local residents are passionate about the City they live in. There are a wide range of views and opinions in regards to development in the South Perth Station Precinct. The City understands that some community members do not support JDAP’s decision and are disappointed.

Anything else to add?
The City and Council are disappointed with the Joint Development Assessment Panel’s decision. The City recommended refusal of the application based on a number of issues which are detailed in the City’s Responsible Authorty Report. The Council strongly supported the refusal recommendation made by the officers and accordingly the City does not support the decision made by the JDAP.

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