Community Open Day - Canning Highway #ShapeOurPlace

Media Release 30 September 2016
Canning Highway

In progressing the Canning Highway #ShapeOurPlace project, the City of South Perth has engaged consultants to undertake a detailed assessment of the character of Kensington and South Perth either side of Canning Highway between Berwick St and Douglas Ave.

The draft Character Study report will be available for members of the public to provide comments on from Monday 10 October 2016. In addition, a community open day will be held on Saturday 22 October from 12-3pm at the City’s Civic Centre where the public will be invited to view the outcomes of the study and discuss their views with City officers and consultants.

A component of the study includes the presentation of an analysis of medium density development from selected inner city locations. The advantages and disadvantage of these case studies being identified for consideration in preparing planning provisions to manage medium density development in the study area in the future.

The purpose of developing planning controls through the study will enable the City to better protect the existing character of the area and facilitate appropriate medium density development close to the highway in the future. The City plans to advertise draft planning provisions in the first half of 2017.

In addition, the study will help the City and the community to:

  • Understand the history and pattern of development of the study area that has influenced the existing built form;
  • Analyse the existing streetscapes and built form to identify any commonalities or unique attributes; and
  • Identify character elements that contribute positively to the character of the study area and surrounding suburbs.

“The Canning Highway #ShapeOurPlace project is an ongoing series of studies as we work to better understand the area and plan for the future,” Mayor Sue Doherty said.

“Canning Highway is a key transport and urban corridor that plays an important role in the City of South Perth. The area adjacent to the highway is incredibly diverse, with a range of different types of housing, residential and non-residential uses. The challenge for the City is to manage future development along the highway and the adjacent low density residential area to create an attractive and functional stretch that has consistent, high quality design.”

“The area identified in the report is expected to experience increased demand for medium density development in the future, because of its close proximity to the Perth CBD and transport networks. Through responsible and properly managed planning, this development has the potential to add significantly to the amenity of the area by redeveloping some of the ageing buildings.”

The public are invited to view the Character Study report, register for the community open day and provide their feedback via the City’s Your Say South Perth engagement portal from 10 October 2016, or by contacting the City on 9474 0777. The period for community feedback closes 5pm Friday 4 November 2016.

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